Radiation Safety manages all aspects of radiation related research and work at USC campuses and satellite sites. Its roles and responsibilities include the following: (a) oversee all radiation research via Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) issuance and protocol review, (b) conduct safety audits, (c) train faculty and staff on safety standards and waste management, (d) control exposure, and (e) serve as liaison between USC and regulatory agencies.

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Radiation Safety Manual (RSM)

The Radiation Safety Manual contains procedural guidelines and information for prudent work practices while using any radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices at USC. The manual covers the following and more:

  • RUA application
  • Procurement
  • Good laboratory practices
  • Waste management
  • Dosimetry
Radiation Safety Manual
Download the RSM (PDF) >>

X-Ray Safety Manual

X-rays are a type of ionizing radiation. Unsafe use of ionizing radiation is potentially harmful and can result in permanent effects on DNA, severe skin or tissue damage, and cancer.

The X-Ray Safety Manual contains procedural guidelines and information for prudent work practices while using any x-ray producing device (XPD) at USC. The manual is made available to every area authorized to use XPDs and any area where XPDs are present.

X-RAY Safety Manual
Download the XSM (PDF) >>

Laser Safety Manual

The laser produces an intense, highly directional beam of light. Its unique properties, though hazardous, are essential for many types of research at USC.

USC’s Laser Safety Program delineates safe work practices (engineering/administrative controls and PPE) for all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers who handle lasers at USC labs/locations.

Laser Safety Manual
Download the LSM (PDF) >>

Rad Management

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Emergency Response

Know how to respond to emergencies and the steps to take for proper notification and reporting.

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