EH&S safety training courses ensure that all participants are aware of potential hazards in their work area, knowledgeable of safety measures to protect themselves, and compliant with USC policies as well as state and federal regulations.  Find out what courses you need to take, and how to register.

Identify Training Needs

The courses you need to take will vary upon the type of work you will be doing.

  1. Consult the USC Safety Training Matrix for Research Personnel Fact Sheet to determine what safety courses are needed.
  2. Visit the Research Training Finder to determine if additional courses are required (e.g., Office of Compliance, Office of Research, or Contracts and Grants). Pinpoint courses rapidly by clicking on filters in the left-hand menu.
  3. Review the Training Catalog for more details on the courses we offer.

Register for Training

Depending on your relationship with USC, you will need to take different steps to register for training.

USC Staff, Students and Faculty

University employees (faculty/staff) and students may enroll in EH&S safety training courses through TrojanLearn.  After identifying what courses you need to take, you can log in to TrojanLearn to review the schedule of classes and register directly in TrojanLearn.

Go to the Training Registration page for instructions on how to access TrojanLearn.

Visiting Scholars, Volunteers and High School Students

If you don’t have access to TrojanLearn, you will need to review the training schedule outside of TrojanLearn and register for training via email.

  1. View the Training Schedule to determine which session you are able to attend
  2. Go to the Training Registration page for instructions on how to register via email

Attend Training

Be sure to check the location of your training session, as we offer classes at both UPC and HSC.  Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early to account for traffic and parking.  At the instructor’s discretion, you may be turned away if you arrive too late.

Check the Training Locations webpage for detailed information on the buildings where we hold training.