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  • 2024 Asbestos-Containing Materials Building Inventory Memo
    USC is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. In compliance with California regulations (Connelly Act), USC Environmental Health & Safety is required to identify areas at USC where asbestos may be present in building materials. The annual inventory was recently updated on April 29, 2024. If there are…
  • New Guide Sheet Available: Waste Anesthetic Gas Canisters
    Waste Anesthetic Gas (WAG) Canisters are passive gas filters that rely on anesthesia flow and the anesthetized animal’s exhalation volume to push waste anesthetic gases into the charcoal canisters. Download the guide sheet for instructions on use, storage, and disposal of the canisters. The guide sheet is also available at…
  • New SOP Available: “Safe Autoclave Operation”
    An autoclave (or steam sterilizer) uses steam heat under pressure to sterilize/decontaminate medical/lab items contaminated with microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Autoclaves are mostly used in laboratory settings to sterilize surgical instruments and glassware for example. This SOP offers the end user guidelines on the safe operation…
  • Attention EHSA Users! Access now requires USC Secure Network (e.g., VPN) connection
    In our ongoing efforts to enhance data security and privacy, a secured USC internet connection is now required to access the EHSA application. Secure internet connections at USC: Questions? If you have any questions or encounter difficulties setting up VPN access, contact your local IT team which may be able…
  • **Now Available** X-ray Safety Training Online (via TrojanLearn)
    USC EH&S is pleased to announce the release of the X-ray Safety Online Training via TrojanLearn. A wide variety of radiation-producing sources are used on campus. This safety course is designed for faculty, staff, students, and volunteers working with X-ray and other radiation-producing devices at USC. The course broadly covers X-ray production…
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