Serious Injury or Illness Reporting

For a work-related injury or illness that requires emergency response, refer to the Emergency Notification and Incident Reporting page. Post the 1-2-3 Serious Injury Reporting flier in a conspicuous area of the laboratory to help your research group become familiar with the incident reporting process.

Additional emergency response information for phenol and HF can be found in the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP).

Non-Serious Injury or Illness Reporting

Even if an injury or illness does not meet the requirements for Cal-OSHA reporting, it is important that the affected employee receives proper care. Review the Non-Life-Threatening Workplace Injury or Illness section and Workers’ Compensation web page for more information.

Minor Incidents/Near Misses

Non-emergency laboratory safety incidents/near misses which do not result in injury or harmful materials exposure should still be reported to EH&S. If the incident occurs after hours, reporting may be left until the next business day. EH&S will assess the incident and determine if an investigation is warranted.