Ergonomics is a multidisciplinary science that combines the activities of the employee with the work environment, work tools and the capabilities of the employee to further design the employees’ work area. Ergonomics can generally be thought of as fitting the job to the employee rather than the employee accommodating for the job. The goal of ergonomics is to allow the employee to function in their work area while preventing injuries, improving employee comfort, promoting return to work after an injury, making reasonable accommodations for employees with injuries or disabilities to perform their work tasks, and to increase productivity.  Ergonomics aids in matching the individual and the job by corresponding the capabilities of the employee with the task demands.

To achieve a healthy “fit” between the employee and the job, the work tools that are used and work activities that are performed are matched to the capabilities of that employee. Ergonomics looks at the work activities needed to be performed by the employee, as well as the capabilities of the employee in combination with the work environment and work tools used to perform these work activities.

To request an Ergonomic Evaluation, follow the instructions below.

Requesting an ergonomic evaluation involves the following two-step online process:

Step 1: Self-Evaluation – an online self-evaluation must be completed. Upon completion, results will be provided via email and recommended self-adjustments must be implemented.
Step 2: In-person Ergonomic Evaluation Request – if the recommended self-adjustments are found to be unsatisfactory, a request for an in-person ergonomic evaluation from an Occupational Therapist can be submitted 8hrs after completing the self-evaluation.

To complete the required process click on following link and use your USC NetID account to login

Ergonomic Self Evaluation Link