Principal investigators (PIs) may use the information below to: (a) effectively manage their labs and personnel, (b) meet compliance requirements per USC policies and state/federal regulations, and (c) promote a prevailing, proactive safety culture university-wide. Lab Safety assists PIs and their research groups in meeting their safety obligations through periodic consultation, inspections, and training.

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

The CHP is your comprehensive road map for hazardous chemical management, laboratory safety, and more. Additional topics include the following and more:

  • Chemical hazard classification
  • Proper segregation and storage
  • Chemical handling and transport
  • Chemical inventory and maintenance
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Click on the image to download the CHP (PDF)

Lab Startup & Management

Optimize laboratory management per the bulleted areas below.

Lab Tips and Techniques

Sustainable Lab PracticesTime-Sensitive ChemicalsLaboratory Burner SafetyNeedle/Syringe Selection and Usage
Storing Flammable Liquids in a Household-Type Refrigerator/FreezerGlassware SafetyCutting SafetyVacuum Pumps
Hazardous & Compressed GasesLessons Learned


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Critical PPE Selection is essential when working with hazardous chemicals – see links below.

Safety Videos

How to use the Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower in a lab
How to use a Biosafety Cabinet at USC
How to Use and Operate a Fume Hood
How to safely Remove Gloves
How to Don and Doff an N95 Respirator Mask

Emergency Response

Know how to respond to emergencies and the steps to take for proper notification and reporting.

Additional Resources