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All lab areas that use and/or store radioactive materials must complete a radiation contamination survey every month. However, a contamination check after each experiment is highly recommended to ensure that the work surface is free of radiation.

Complete a Survey

  1. Follow instructions on the Radioactive Contamination Checks Guide Sheet to conduct a contamination wipe test and/or survey test.
  2. Use the Monthly Contamination Check Form to record data.
  3. If radioactive materials were not used in a given month, check the appropriate box on the form (no need to complete the rest of the survey for that lab).
  4. Sign and date the survey.
  5. Upload completed form into EHSA.

NOTE: The RSO may recommend different wipe test frequencies depending on the radionuclides and amounts used. Keep monthly surveys available in a binder on site. Survey results must be kept at the lab for three years.

Enter Results in EHSA

  1. Log into EHSA (all RAM Permit Holders and radiation workers can access EHSA).
  2. Select “Contamination Survey”.
  3. Select lab(s) on the RAM permit.
  4. Fill in required fields and “Save”.

See EHSA SOP Contamination Surveys – Principal Investigator for detailed instructions.

Quarterly EH&S Surveys

Per USC’s licensing requirement, Radiation Safety performs contamination surveys in lab areas (including common areas) on a quarterly basis as part of the EH&S lab audit program. Please contact Radiation Safety if you have any questions about the EH&S quarterly surveys.