Radioactive Materials (RAM) Purchase

All radioactive material (RAM) purchases must be approved, processed, and recorded by EH&S’ Radiation Safety Program to ensure chain-of-custody and regulatory compliance with the California Department of Public Health. Authorized users may order and possess radioactive material up to the authorized possession limit for each radionuclide. Refer to the Radioactive Material Purchase Fact Sheet for instructions.


The Principal Investigator (PI), lab personnel on RAM permit, or personnel authorized by the PI can order radioactive materials (RAM). All orders are placed via eMarket. The address for delivery of  radiation packages is:

Radiation Safety Office
C/o: PI name/Permit Number/Lab Location
2001 N Soto St, SBA Los Angeles CA 90032
Note that any order outside of eMarket has to be approved by Radiation Safety. Notify or 323-442-2200 if a radiation package is delivered to the lab instead of EH&S Office, SBA 329. RAM orders will not be approved if:

  • There are outstanding compliance issues with the lab.
  • The activity ordered is over the possession limit for PI’s RAM permit.
  • The radioisotope ordered is not on the approved list of the PI’s RAM permit.