All radioactive material (RAM) purchases must be approved, processed, and recorded by EH&S’ Radiation Safety Program to ensure chain-of-custody and regulatory compliance with the California Department of Public Health. NOTE: Only individuals that have completed Radiation Safety training may order radioactive material.

How to Order RAM
  1. Log into Workday. At the main page, click on the “View All Apps” link at the bottom of the Your Top Apps box.
  2. At the left-hand menu, click on “Purchases”.
  3. Under Actions, click on “Request Non-Catalog Items”.
  4. Fill in all starred fields.
    • Under “Requisition Type” scroll down and select
      “Radioactive Materials”.
    • Enter “SBA 116” in the “Deliver To” field and click
      on the right-corner menu icon. The full address will
      then auto-populate into the “Ship To” field. NOTE: All radioactive materials MUST be delivered to this address.
  5. Click on the “OK” button.
  6. At the Request Non-Catalog Items page, fill in all starred
    fields – see image to the right.
    • Enter “radioactive” in the “Spend Category” and click
      on the right-corner menu icon. “Radioactive Research
      Supplies (SC0231)” will appear and auto-populate.
    • For “Unit of Measure” field, enter the activity or click
      on the right corner menu icon to select from the list.
    • NOTE: You will be prompted with a brief questionnaire after the requisition is submitted. The Radiation Safety Team must review radioactive material purchases.
  7. Click on the “Add to Cart” button when complete.
  8. To view the Cart contents and submit the request, click
    on the Cart icon in the upper right-hand corner.

RAM Shipments
  • RAM shipments are delivered to SBA at HSC for processing. Each package is visually inspected, scanned for surface contamination, and checked against authorized radiation limits.
  • Short-lived isotopes (e.g., F-18) can be shipped directly to the lab WITH prior approval. Email or call (323) 442-2200 for guidance.
RAM Transfer

RAM can be transferred from other institutions to USC. Email or call (323) 442-2200 to initiate the process.

What I Need to Know…

  • Contact EH&S at (323) 442-2200 or email immediately if a RAM package is delivered directly to the laboratory without prior approval.
  • DO NOT place orders directly with vendors.

Reference: USC Radiation Safety Manual