Researchers are eligible to enroll in the Dosimetry Program if they are likely to receive a dose more than 10% of the annual limit for workers. The following applications or areas meet the requirement for wearing a dosimeter:

  • Radioactive material or radiation producing machines in the Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Radioactive material in the Departments of Nuclear Medicine and PET
  • X-ray producing devices (except electron microscopes, dental units, and cabinet x-ray units)
  • Radionuclides that emit beta particles with energies greater than 1 MeV when used in quantities exceeding 5 mCi of activity
  • Radionuclides that emit gamma rays when used in quantities exceeding 1 mCi of activity

Pregnant employees that request fetal dosimeters will be asked to:

  1. Pregnancy Policy (coming soon…).
  2. Declare their pregnancy via the Declaration of Pregnancy Form. NOTE: Radiation exposure to the embryo/fetus is limited to 0.5 rem during the entire pregnancy. (NRC Guide 8.13 Prenatal Rad Exposure).
  3. Complete a Dosimeter Add/Delete Form.

The Radiation Safety Officer will make the final determination whether personnel monitoring is required. The RSO may remove the requirement if dosimetry records indicate only minimal exposure over a period of at least one year.

Request a Dosimeter

  1. Complete the Dosimeter Add/Delete Form.
  2. Have the Permit Holder or Lab Manager sign the application.
  3. Email the completed/signed form to radsafety@usc.edu or yepez@usc.edu.

Special use requests will be evaluated by Radiation Safety and approved if device issuance is warranted.

Exposure Limits

USC employees cannot be exposed to ionizing radiation in excess of the below annual limits:

  • Whole Body – 5 rem per year
  • Lens of the Eye – 15 rem per year
  • Hands and Feet – 50 rem per year
  • Skin of the Whole Body – 50 rem per year


Personnel Monitoring Devices – Radiation Fact Sheet