The management and disposal of hazardous waste is governed by the Hazardous Waste Management (Environmental Management) Policy under USC Policies and Policy Governance.

Expired Hand Sanitizers: Keep or Discard

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Hazardous Waste Management Manual

The University of Southern California (USC) Hazardous Waste Management Manual is designed as a ready reference guide for the handling of hazardous waste generated at USC campuses and leased spaces and to provide guidance to meet regulatory requirements.

Consult the manual for details on management of chemical, biological, radioactive, and universal waste streams, waste staging, labeling, laboratory move/closure, and more.

Hazardous waste management manual
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  • Hazardous waste pickup through RSS or EHSA
  • Universal waste (e-waste) pickup
  • Waste supplies
  • Move or close a lab

Waste Management

Emergency Notification and Incident Reporting

Know how to respond to emergencies and the steps to take for proper notification and reporting.

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