Standard (Safe) Operating Procedure (SOP) templates are provided by USC EH&S to facilitate safe laboratory work with hazardous materials. SOP templates provide general information on how to handle hazardous materials falling into defined hazard classes (e.g., acute toxicants, carcinogens), or on specific hazardous materials (e.g., phenol, hydrofluoric acid) where particularly severe or unique hazards warrant individual treatment. It is intended that personnel add lab-specific information to the SOP template to produce a finished and functional SOP.

Materials which have significant hazards in more than one class (e.g., an acutely toxic material which is also highly flammable) may need to be covered by more than one generic hazard class SOP.

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Word Templates

Acute ToxicantsFlammable/Combustible Liquids and Flammable SolidsPotentially Explosive and Explosive Materials
CarcinogensFormaldehyde and ParaformaldehydePyrophorics
CorrosivesHF and HF PrecursorsReproductive Toxicants
Cryogens and Dry IceOxidantsSimple Asphyxiants and Carbon Dioxide

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