Lab Startup

New PI Onboarding

The Quick Start-Up Guide for New Principal Investigators below is a ready reference for new PIs as they begin their research careers at USC.

Quick Start-Up Guide for New Principal Investigators

Prepare your lab for startup by addressing the following:

    1. Complete the New PI Safety Management Training
    2. Contact EH&S via the online form or to establish an EHSA account and schedule a lab consultation with a member of the Lab Safety team. Provide the following details:
      • 10 Digit USC ID #
      • All lab spaces (including sub rooms such as tissue culture rooms, cold rooms, etc.)
      • All lab personnel that will work in your research space
      • Do you have IBC or IACUC protocols? Will you utilize controlled substances (e.g. Buprenorphine, Ketamine, Euthasol, etc.) for animal work?
    3. Ensure all lab personnel receive initial GLS training prior to starting research in your lab. They can register for the training on the EH&S Training Registration Website.
      • If all lab personnel have already received initial GLS training, please ensure they have received Annual Refresher Training within the last calendar year.
    4. Complete the LHAT for your lab.
    5. Provide lab-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all hazardous materials. You may download, edit, and review applicable EH&S SOPs.
      • All lab personnel must review SOPs annually. Please ask all lab personnel to review and sign the acknowledgment pages attached to each SOP.
    6. Update EHSA information (e.g. inventory management.
    7. Post the Spill Notification Procedure to inform your lab personnel of appropriate chemical spill notification.
      • Ensure you have an appropriate chemical spill kit stored in an easily accessible location within the lab.
    8. Post the 1-2-3 Serious Injury Reporting Flyer poster in the lab to inform your personnel of appropriate emergency response protocol.
    9. Ensure you have an appropriate ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Class A first aid kit.

Detailed information regarding General Laboratory Safety Inspections may also be helpful to review prior to beginning work in your lab.