Relocation and Closure

This section describes the steps a DEA Registrant is required to take in the event of lab relocation or closure.

Laboratory Clearance

The procurement, use and disposal of controlled substances is strictly regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and University policies. The regulations and policies are intended to prevent the diversion of controlled substances through a variety of administrative and physical controls. Thus, all research laboratories (biological, chemical and radioactive) must receive Laboratory Clearance by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety prior to being closed, remodeled, renovated, or relocated.

For Laboratory Clearance of controlled substances, the DEA Registrant must adhere to the following requirements:

Relocating within the University

  • DEA Registrant must notify the CS Program Manager at a minimum of two months prior to intended relocation.
  • CS Program Manager must inspect and approve new CS storage location prior to relocation.
  • DEA Registrant must adhere to and provide proper security and storage for new CS locations as required.
  • DEA Registrant must request a modified DEA Registration indicating new CS location address at DEA Registration Changes.
  • DEA Registrant must update their CSUA and submit the updated forms to the CS Program Manager at

NOTE: Only the DEA Registrant or their Authorized Users can relocate CS items to new approved location following approval by CS Program Manager.

Closure or Relocating Outside the University

  • DEA Registrant must notify the CS Program Manager at a minimum of two months prior to intended lab closure.
  • EH&S is not permitted to take custody of CS items.
    • Abandonment of CS items by DEA Registrant is prohibited and is a DEA violation; CS items cannot be left behind in vacated laboratories or relocated to another institution. DEA Registrant closing down their laboratory or relocating to another institution must arrange for unused CS items to be transferred to another DEA Registrant on their respective campus or request for disposal via a reverse distributor.
  • DEA Registrant must contact the CS Program Manager at to request deactivation of CSUA.