Move or Close a Lab

To move or close a lab safely and per regulatory requirements, follow detailed instructions below.

  1. Notify HazMat & Lab Safety
  2. Prepare Your Chemicals
  3. Clean and Decontaminate

1. Notify HazMat & Lab Safety

Contact the Hazardous Materials Division at (213) 740-7215 or and Lab Safety at (323) 442-2200 or when preparing to move or close a lab. Research groups may request a HazMat Lab Closeout Checklist to prepare for the relocation or closure.

The scope of the move or closure may include:

  • Hazardous materials (e.g., chemicals, radioactive materials), bio agents, and controlled substances. Note that:
    • All chemicals and hazardous materials must be transported by authorized individuals.
    • Special procedures exist for moving/transferring radioactive and biological materials, and controlled substances.
  • Instruments and equipment
  • Protocol termination
  • Closeout surveys
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Decontamination of lab equipment and instruments

Additional notifications to the following groups may be necessary:

2. Prepare Your Chemicals

After timely notifications, prepare chemicals for lab move or closure:

  • Ensure your chemical inventory in EHSA is accurate. NOTE: Chemical inventory and EHSA permit will be deactivated upon lab closure.
  • Replace any illegible labels and check that all containers are labeled to accurately describe the contents (no abbreviations or trade names).
  • Check containers for damage or cracks and replace or dispose of any damaged containers.
  • Segregate chemicals into the following categories/hazard classes:
    • Inorganic oxidizer
    • Flammable liquids
    • Inorganic acids
    • Inorganic bases
    • Organic acids
    • Flammable solids
    • Organic compounds without the previously stated hazards
    • Inorganic compounds without the previously stated hazards

3. Clean and Decontaminate

The lab will need to be prepped, cleaned, and decontaminated before a certificate of decommissioning is issued. Once the certificate is issued, the lab is ready to be vacated.