Move or Close a Lab

Relocating a laboratory can be a complex undertaking.  Whether the move is off campus, on campus, or the laboratory is closing permanently, this guide will provide you with the information to ensure a safe, regulatory compliant and timely move.

Notify HazMat

Contact the Hazardous Materials Division at (213) 740-7215 as soon as you learn of your move, as some processes and procedures for preparing your lab take longer than others. The scope of your move, including the materials being relocated will determine the type of services you will need.

Please also keep in mind:

  • All chemicals and hazardous materials must be transported by authorized individuals
  • Special procedures exist for moving radioactive and biological materials

Prepare Your Chemicals

After contacting HazMat, you can begin preparing for your move by completing some housekeeping with the chemicals in your lab:

  • Ensure your chemical inventory is accurate
  • Replace any illegible labels and check that all containers are labeled to accurately describe the contents (no abbreviations or trade names)
  • Check containers for damage or cracks and replace or dispose of any damaged containers
  • Segregate chemicals into the following categories/hazard classes:
    • Inorganic oxidizer
    • Flammable liquids
    • Inorganic acids
    • Inorganic bases
    • Organic acids
    • Flammable solids
    • Organic compounds without the previously stated hazards
    • Inorganic compounds without the previously stated hazards

Clean and Decontaminate

Next, your lab will need to be prepped, cleaned and decontaminated before you can receive a certificate of decommissioning, which states that your lab is ready to be vacated.