Who needs a CSUA?

All DEA registrants that use CS for research or teaching purposes at USC must enroll in the USC EH&S CSUA Program. A CSUA application must be completed prior to acquiring, storing, or handling controlled substances for the aforementioned purposes.

How do I enroll in the CSUA program?

  1. Forward a copy of your DEA registration to ehs-cs@usc.edu.
  2. Complete the CSUA Application and forward a copy to ehs-cs@usc.edu.
    • EH&S will review your CSUA application as well as approved IACUC and/or IBC protocols.
  3. Complete the Controlled Substance Initial and Annual Physical Inventory form and forward a copy to ehs-cs@usc.edu.
  4. Ensure all Authorized Users are enrolled in the EH&S Controlled Substances Training (CST) on Trojan Learn.
    • All Authorized Users must complete this training prior to CS use and handling.
  5. After approval of all CSUA Forms and completion of the training, the DEA registrant and all Authorized Users will be permitted to acquire, store, and handle controlled substances.

CSUA Renewal

CSUA paperwork must be amended whenever changes in storage locations, security measures, protocols, controlled substance schedules and/or drugs, DEA registration expiration, and authorized personnel occur. Forward copies of your renewed CSUA paperwork to ehs-cs@usc.edu.

CSUA Termination

The CS Program Manager must be contacted at ehs-cs@usc.edu to request termination of CSUA.