Lab Coat Services

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Discover what lab coat services are available to all USC researchers and their staff and how to access them.

Purchase a New Lab Coat

Lab coats protect researchers from a wide range of hazards. However, over time, fraying, visible degradation, tears, etc. may render them inadequate and vulnerable. These compromised lab coats will need to be replaced with new ones in order to maintain a level of high protection. To order new lab coats, consult the New Lab Coat Purchase Fact Sheet. If you need a lab coat in the meantime, you may request a loaner (see Borrow a Lab Coat). You may also enroll in the laundering program if you are not currently participating (see Launder a Lab Coat).

Borrow a Lab Coat

The Lab Coat Loaner Program provides research staff and faculty with appropriate lab coats on a temporary basis until permanent lab coats can be purchased and delivered. Additionally, the loaners may be temporarily substituted for damaged or inappropriate lab coat types (e.g., polyester blends) while new ones are ordered. Researchers may use the coats for up to four (4) weeks and request additional time as needed. Loaners are available at UPC and HSC EH&S offices for convenient pick up.

For more information, consult the Lab Coat Loaner Fact Sheet.

Launder a Lab Coat

Lab Coat Laundering is made available to principal investigators and their respective research groups through a partnership between EH&S and Angelica with EH&S as its steward. A description of the program and a guide to selecting appropriate lab coats are detailed in the EH&S Fact Sheet – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Lab Coat Selection and Laundering Service. Note that participation in the program is encouraged, but not mandatory. For information on the program, contact EH&S. Your laundering services may be covered by your school or department. Contact your business office for information.

  • Pick Up/Drop Off (PU/DO) locations are set up across UPC and HSC with lockers, laundry hampers, or racks to house soiled and clean lab coats. Lockers designated for soiled lab coats are identified by signage that reads Soiled Lab Coats; lockers for clean lab coats are identified by signage that reads Clean Lab Coats.
  • Each sign also displays the weekly laundering service schedule for the host campus. Angelica visits UPC on Tuesday; HSC on Wednesday (Thursday as well on occasion).
  • To locate the nearest PU/DO station for your building, refer to:
  • Keep at least one lab coat available for use at all times.
  • If soiled coats remain in a locker (or laundry hamper) for over a week or lab coats have not returned from laundering, contact Angelica Customer Care at 888.293.2100.

Barcode an Existing Lab Coat

  • Without an Angelica barcode to identify the owner, soiled lab coats may not return from the laundering plant. Page 2 of the New Lab Coat Purchase Fact Sheet details steps to have lab coats barcoded.
  • Additionally, research groups relocating to another building will need to have their lab coats re-barcoded to ensure that the lab coats return to that building or a convenient PU/DO location nearby. Page 2 of the New Lab Coat Purchase Fact Sheet details steps to have lab coats barcoded.
  • The requisite forms for barcoding are listed below.