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Purchase a New Lab Coat

Researchers may refer to the PPE Lab Coat Selection Fact Sheet for information on specific lab coat types. Selection of the appropriate lab coat for hazards encountered in the lab is determined by the Lab Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT).
EH&S is working with USC Business Services to streamline/convert lab coat ordering to an online process. In the interim, please:

  • Use the Lab Coat Order Worksheet to select lab coat type, size, and quantity.
  • Complete the LHAT and attach it to the worksheet.
  • Email documents to for review and approval.
  • Route the worksheet to your purchaser to create the order in eMarket once approved by Lab Safety.

NOTE: If lab coats are needed quickly, you may participate in the Lab Coat Loaner Program offered by EH&S (see Borrow a Lab Coat).

Borrow a Lab Coat

The Lab Coat Loaner Program provides research staff and faculty with appropriate lab coats on a temporary basis until permanent lab coats can be purchased and delivered. Additionally, the loaners may be temporarily substituted for damaged or inappropriate lab coat types (e.g., polyester blends) while new ones are ordered. Researchers may use the coats for up to four (4) weeks and request additional time as needed. Loaners are available at UPC and HSC EH&S offices for convenient pick up.

For more information, consult theĀ Lab Coat Loaner Guide Sheet.

Launder a Lab Coat

Lab Coat Laundering is made available to principal investigators and their respective research groups through a partnership between the university and Medico. Participation in the program is encouraged, but not mandatory.

  • Pick Up/Drop Off (PU/DO) locations at UPC and HSC will remain the same. To locate the nearest PU/DO station for your building, refer to:
  • Laundering service is scheduled weekly or bi-weekly for labs and lab buildings at UPC (Tuesday) and HSC (Friday). For more information, contact Medico (see below).
  • It is recommended to withhold placing soiled coats in the soiled lockers until Medico can RFID-tag all lab coats. This avoids delays getting all your lab coats RFID-chipped and into laundry service.

RFID an Existing Lab Coat

DO NOT place lab coats without Medico RFID chips in laundry bags or soiled lockers! Without RFID chips, these lab coats may never return from the Medico plant. If you have un-barcoded lab coats or barcoded lab coats that you inherited, follow instructions on the RFID-Tag Lab Coat Guide Sheet to have RFID chips installed with new ownership information.


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