Safety eyewear must meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards to protect the worker from workplace hazards. Regular “dress eyewear” does not provide adequate protection against workplace hazards.

USC workers who require corrective lenses AND work with hazardous materials or equipment can utilize the USC Prescription Safety Glasses Form and process below to benefit from prescription safety glasses.

Easy Steps

Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available Flyer
Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available
  1. Discuss your eye protection needs with your supervisor and include the following points:
    • Types of hazards encountered in your work area and appropriate forms of eye protection.
    • What costs, if any, the department is willing to cover.
  2. Download and complete the USC Prescription Safety Glasses Form.
  3. Schedule an appointment at USC Roski Eye Institute.
    • Valid Prescription for Glasses (expires within 2 years of eye exam)
      • Bring the completed form and a copy of a valid prescription to the USC Roski Eye Institute Opticals during business hours. No appointment is needed.
    • No Prescription
      1. Schedule an eye exam at USC Roski Eye Institute by calling (323) 442-6335.
      2. Bring the completed form to the eye exam.

There are over 40 stylish, ANSI-rated safety frames to choose from. Upgrades and enhancements are available at additional costs.

Questions? Contact EH&S at; or Roski Eye Institute at or (323) 442-6335.
USC Roski Eye Institute is happy to help answer any questions or clarify the options that best fit the employee’s needs.