Heat Illness Prevention

Heat Illness Prevention Icon

This is the summer season and temperatures can climb to triple digits. Increased temperatures put USC employees at risk for heat illness if the necessary… Read more »

Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available

Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available Flyer
Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available

EH&S recently partnered with USC Roski Eye Institute to provide a streamlined process for departmental orders of prescription safety glasses. Roski carries over 40 ANSI-rated… Read more »


Measles is a highly contagious virus that lives in the nose and throat mucus of an infected person. The Los Angeles County Department of Public… Read more »

Entanglement Hazards Flyer

Serious injuries (and deaths) have occurred from loose clothing, fingers, and hair becoming entangled in a machine’s rotating parts. Post the Entanglement Flyer in critical… Read more »

Wait! Don’t Contaminate!

Researchers may unwittingly contaminate clean surfaces (e.g., door handles and elevator buttons) with soiled gloves after exiting the lab. Please post the Wait!” Don’t Contaminate!… Read more »

Chemical Spill Notification

EH&S announces the publication of its brief, step-wise summary on the procedure for chemical spill notification (see Chemical Spill Notification Guide). Visit the Spill Response… Read more »

Great Shake Out 2018

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety and the Hazardous Materials Division participated in joint disaster response exercises during the Great Shake Out on October… Read more »