Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available

Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available Flyer
Prescription Safety Glasses Now Available

EH&S recently partnered with USC Roski Eye Institute to provide a streamlined process for departmental orders of prescription safety glasses. Roski carried over 40 ANSI-rated… Read more »


Measles is a highly contagious virus that lives in the nose and throat mucus of an infected person. The Los Angeles County Department of Public… Read more »

Entanglement Hazards Flyer

Serious injuries (and deaths) have occurred from loose clothing, fingers, and hair becoming entangled in a machine’s rotating parts. Post the Entanglement Flyer in critical… Read more »

Wait! Don’t Contaminate!

Researchers may unwittingly contaminate clean surfaces (e.g., door handles and elevator buttons) with soiled gloves after exiting the lab. Please post the Wait!” Don’t Contaminate!… Read more »

Chemical Spill Notification

EH&S announces the publication of its brief, step-wise summary on the procedure for chemical spill notification (see Chemical Spill Notification Guide). Visit the Spill Response… Read more »

Great Shake Out 2018

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety and the Hazardous Materials Division participated in joint disaster response exercises during the Great Shake Out on October… Read more »