2020 Annual Laboratory Safety Training Refresher Thumbnail

Dear PIs and Permit Holders,

It is time to conduct annual safety refresher training for your staff. We encourage you to review these materials with your staff and post hard copies in visible areas of your lab(s) as a reminder of these requirements.

Date:Tuesday, January 17, 2024
To:Principal Investigators and Permit Holders
From:Deona Willes, MPH, CLS, Executive Director
USC Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Subject:Annual Laboratory Safety Training Refresher Reminder

Happy New Year! As you embark on a new year of groundbreaking research, it is imperative that we uphold the highest standards of laboratory safety to keep everyone healthy and safe. In 2024, all Principal Investigators and Permit Holders are reminded to renew their Annual Laboratory Safety Refresher Training. Please complete the following within the next 60 days:

  1. Review applicable topics on the Annual Safety Refresher (ASR) checklist with your lab staff.
  2. Check off the safety topics that you discuss with your group.
  3. Document attendance on the Site-Specific Training Record (SSTR).
  4. Submit the SSTR to EH&S via the online form at http://tiny.cc/usc-train-ann-rfrsh.

Please note: This year we have added a separate Radiation Safety Refresher Topics checklist page. The checklist is for any labs working with radioactive materials and should be completed on an annual basis. Please ensure that the Rad Safety Refresher checkbox is marked on the SSTR document.

Here are a few salient points to keep in mind:

  • Safety Trends. Review the infographics later in this memo for insights into the Top 3 Inspection Findings by Category based on our inspections across the university as well as our 2024 Keys to Success in Safety.
  • Exposures and Injury Procedures. Follow the necessary steps outlined on the Emergency Notification and Incident Reporting webpage for any exposure or injury incident. Please report all incidents, regardless of exposure or injury, so EH&S may follow up accordingly.
  • Inspections and Chemical Inventory. The Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) platform continues to roll out at labs across campus for chemical inventory management, inspections, waste requests and more. Review the attached flyer for pertinent role-specific information.
  • Pathogen Safety Data Sheets (PSDS). Pathogen Safety Data Sheets (PSDS) are available on the EH&S website and offer detailed information (e.g., characteristics, health hazards, and medical precautions/treatment) on pathogens used in research at USC. Labs must keep a printed PSDS and signed PSDS Acknowledgement Record for trained personnel.
  • Hazardous Waste Requests. Labs that have transitioned to the RSS web application should utilize the WASTe module to request waste pickups. RSS can also use the software to print a customized waste tag. The Waste tag includes an RSS Tracking number and helps identify hazard information about that waste container’s contents. Waste pickup requests must be submitted online. More information at the Request a Hazardous Waste Pickup Page.
  • Safety Training Modules. EH&S continues to provide periodic instructor-led live safety training courses and continues to expand or improve e-Learning course offerings via Trojan Learn. New modules include:
    • Radiation Safety Refresher Training Online (TrojanLearn)
    • Viral Vector (VVT) and BSL-2+ Safety Training (TrojanLearn)
    • Principles of Biosafety (BIO) Online (TrojanLearn)
    • How to Use the Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower in a Lab at USC (YouTube video)

Here are training projects that are coming soon:

  • X-ray Safety (Trojan Learn)

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that our How to Use a Biosafety Cabinet at USC video was recognized by The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), winning First Prize in the 2023 Biosafety Month Promotional Awards. Visit our USC EH&S Youtube Channel to find more informational/instructional videos.

Lastly, EH&S continually strives to improve itself and enhance its programs for you, our clients. We invite you to share your thoughts about EH&S by participating in a brief customer survey.  

Thank you again for your continuing efforts to protect the health and safety of the campus community. We look forward to a prosperous and safe 2024 at USC.

Questions? Please contact labsafety@usc.edu or call 323-442-2200.