USC Safety Connection

USC’s Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) provides a safe and environmentally healthy workplace for students, employees, and the surrounding community. EH&S helps reduce and manage risk by developing and implementing campus wide safety policies and programs.

As a service to the USC community, EH&S actively publishes media that reflects current topics in safety. Here are the latest general and occupation-specific publications for review.

General Safety

These publications highlight general safety topics and policies for the USC community.

Hepatitis A (HAV)
General information and safety tips on HAV.
West Nile Virus (WVN)
General information and safety tips on WVN.
USC is Smoke-Free
No smoking on any USC-owned or leased property

Mold Prevention
Steps to take in preventing mold growth.

Safety in the Laboratory

Featured articles in this section are relevant to management of the laboratory in terms of university safety policy, best practices, hazardous waste, and emergency response.

Protect Your Eyes
EH&S’ PPE Campaign – Eye Protection

Cryogen Safety
The Dos and Don’ts when handling cryogens or dry ice

Food and Drink in Labs
General information on the no food or drink safety policy

Gas Cylinder Disposal
Safety tips on proper disposal of gas cylinders

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation
Effects of UV radiation on the body

Transfer of Bio Materials
How to transfer bio materials safely

Chemical Spill Kit Guide
A summary of clean-up and PPE items that are needed for a kit
Lessons Learned
Read about actual incidents that occurred in the lab

Occupational Safety

Featured articles in this section are pertinent to occupational safety which include industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and shop safety.

Hearing Conservation
& Noise Control
Measures to protect hearing

Injury & Illness
Prevention Plan
Q & A on the IIPP

Carbon Monoxide
Sources of CO and how to prevent CO poisoning

Basic information and a link to self-evaluation

Safety Training

Online and in-person safety courses are available to the USC community through EH&S’ Training portal. Research personnel may refer to the Safety Training Matrix to determine what training courses are required.

Questions? Request information at the Contact EH&S web page.