Purchasing and Receiving Controlled Substances

Schedule I-II drugs must be purchased and obtained directly from the desired supplier using DEA Form 222. A copy of all forms must be submitted to the CS Program Manager at ehs-cs@usc.edu.

Schedule III-V controlled substances must be purchased and obtained via Workday. All Workday orders for controlled substances are approved by EH&S. Workday requisitions for controlled substances may be submitted by DEA Registrants, Authorized Users, or Departmental Budget Analysts. This section reviews purchasing and receiving requirements. Refer to the Controlled Substance Purchase Guide Sheet for a summary of the information below.

Workday Access

Log into Workday through USC Net (two-factor authentication). For Workday support, contact your Imagine Partner.

Workday Suppliers

EH&S has a select list of suppliers, shown below, in which controlled substances may be purchased through Workday. Product information is available at the vendor website or via the toll free number.

Supplier Website Phone Additional Paperwork Required
Covetrus https://northamerica.covetrus.com/ 1-855-724-3461 N/A
MWI Veterinary Supply Co. https://www.mwivet.com 1-800-824-3703 DEA Due Diligence Form
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/united-states.html 1-800-521-8956 N/A
  • MWI Veterinary Supply Co. requires a completed DEA Due Diligence Form [Code of Federal Regulations, 21 CFR Part 1301.74(b)] and a copy of the DEA registrant’s license.
    • The DEA Due Diligence form must be completed one time and is applicable for all future controlled substance purchases.
    • EH&S will not approve Workday CS requisitions if a copy has not been provided or if the form is incomplete.
  • Complete the following steps:
    1. Complete sections I-V of the DEA Due Diligence Form.
    2. Sign the DEA Due Diligence Form in ink and enter the date. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.
    3. Return the completed form and a copy of DEA Registrant’s license to the following: mwiapplicationprocessing@mwianimalhealth.com or via Fax (855) 854-3922: MWI Animal Health. Attn: Credit Department.
    4. Forward a scanned PDF copy of the completed DEA Due Diligence Form to the CS Program Manager at ehs-cs@usc.edu.
  • Requests to purchase controlled substances from a supplier not indicated on the select vendors list must be approved by Workday Purchasing and the supplier of interest. Contact your Imagine Partner for additional information.

Ordering exception: Buprenorphine SR-Lab

  • Buprenorphine SR-Lab requires a veterinarian prescription to purchase. USC DEA Registrants may obtain Buprenorphine SR-Lab directly from the USC Department of Animal Resources (DAR) via transfer. DAR may be contacted at daradm@med.usc.edu or 323-442-1689.
    • NOTE: A valid DEA registration and enrollment in the USC EH&S CSUA program is required to obtain Buprenorphine-SR from DAR.

Workday Requisition and Submission

A valid DEA registration and enrollment in the EH&S CSUA program are required to purchase controlled substances through Workday. When completing Workday requisitions, ensure the purchasing form is complete and that material on the order form matches the information present on the DEA registrant’s license and CSUA. Any discrepancies in information will result in your requisition being returned. Follow the steps outlined below to complete an Workday requisition for the purchase of controlled substances.

  1. Log into Workday → Click on Purchases → Create Requisition. Company, Requestor, and Currency information will auto-populate
  2. Choose “Controlled Substance for Research” as the Requisition Type
    • NOTE: Controlled substances must be delivered to the address listed on the DEA registrant’s license. Select the “Deliver-To” and “Ship-To” address accordingly.
  3. Select appropriate building and floor for “Deliver-To” by typing the appropriate three letter building code (e.g., NRT) into the search bar. The “Ship-To” address will then auto-populate.
  4. Once all red-starred items have been filled in, press “Okay”.
  5. Under “Select an Option” choose “Request Non-Catalog Items”.
  6. Indicate “Item Description”.
  7. Select “Chemicals Controlled Substances (Research)” as the Spend Category. Order from any USC-approved vendor, as outlined above.
  8. Indicate “Supplier” (e.g., MWI Veterinary Supply Co).
  9. Indicate “Quantity”.
  10. Indicate “Unit of Measure”.
  11. Select “Add to Cart”. You may then “Checkout”.
  12. Once in Checkout, scroll down to “Goods”.
  13. Indicate purchase “Items” by typing desired material into search bar.
  14. Add applicable DEA registration and supplier forms (e.g., MWI DDF) in the “Attachments” section.
  15. Click “Submit”.

Once submitted, the Workday order will be routed to EH&S for approval. If there are any discrepancies or additional information required, the CS Program Manager will contact the requestor. Once approved, the vendor will fill the order and the controlled substances will be delivered directly to the address indicated on the order form and DEA registrant’s license. Once received, the DEA Registrant or Authorized User should open the controlled substance package to confirm the contents and shall complete a usage and disposal log. Any discrepancies should be rectified with the supplier. If discrepancies cannot be rectified, the DEA Field Office should be contacted.

Contact the CS Program Manager at ehs-cs@usc.edufor inquiries regarding controlled substance ordering.