COVID-19 Safety Spotlight – Break Rooms and Kitchens

Shared Kitches and Break Rooms

As LA County continues to see a rise in positive COVID cases, USC break rooms and kitchens can pose a particularly high potential risk of infection. EH&S is directing departments and schools to consider removing seating from shared breakrooms. Wherever possible, only utilize breakrooms or shared kitchens for storing and rewarming food items. Departments should identify alternative indoor and outdoor spaces where employees may be directed to eat alone or rest during break periods. The occupancy for any indoor spaces used for eating should be minimized, preferably to one person at a time.

Signage and supplies should be available for the cleaning of shared items such as microwaves and refrigerators. When using disinfecting wipes and sprays, please include signage/direction on contact time (e.g., leave disinfectant on for 5 minutes). Individual packets of spices should be provided rather than sharing containers of spices.

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