Biosafety Inspections

Who gets inspected?
All USC research facilities where USC researchers (faculty, staff, or volunteers) handle potentially hazardous biological materials are subject to periodic and comprehensive inspections. Biosafety inspections are conducted by the Biosafety Program.

What is inspected?
Inspections encompass review of administrative controls such as signage, standard operating procedures, and safety training; engineering controls such as biosafety cabinets, centrifuge rotors, and automatic pipettors; personal protective equipment such as appropriate lab coat, gloves, and eye protection, and biomedical waste management.

The Biosafety Inspection Checklist addresses specific items in these key areas. Inspection findings are subject to remediation within five (5) or twenty (20) business days depending on the severity of the findings. The Biosafety Inspection Process Flow Chart depicts how findings that are not corrected may be progressively escalated to higher authority levels.

Inspection Schedule

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