In California, every organization with 10 or more employees is required to have a written IIPP in place, and USC is committed to making your unit’s IIPP an effective tool for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all of us.

What is a unit?

To help make the IIPP more feasible to maintain, smaller departments have been grouped to form one unit, and some larger departments divided into multiple units.  Your unit’s IIPP will clearly indicate how your unit is made up.

What is my role?

An IIPP Administrator has been identified for your unit and will be primarily responsible for customizing the IIPP Template to suit your unit’s needs.  Everyone can help by responding to requests for information and participating in safety meetings.  Check out the IIPP Template for details on your role and responsibilities, or check in with your IIPP Administrator to see your customized IIPP.

How do we submit the IIPP?

Once your IIPP Administrator has completed customizing the template for your unit, he or she will email the document to for final review and acceptance.  If the Injury Prevention team has any suggested changes, we will work with your IIPP Administrator to incorporate these changes and send back the approved version to be shared with your whole unit and referenced as needed.

Can I learn more?

The following guides are available for you and your team to learn more about the IIPP and the implementation process:

Appendix A: Forms & Templates

All the forms and templates referenced in the IIPP are available here for download or review.  Check back often to see if links have been modified or new resources have been added.


Job Safety Analysis Form
Office Safety Inspection Form
Online Ergonomic Self-Evaluation
Vehicle Inspection Checklist
Slip/Trip/Fall Checklist
High Hazard Operations Analysis Form
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Template
PPE Inspection Checklist
Shop Safety Inspection Checklist
Shop Safety Risk Assessment (SSRA)

Research Safety

Laboratory Inspection Checklist
Biosafety Inspection Checklist
Waste Management
Monthly Radiation Contamination Check
Lab Safety Inspection Process Flow Chart
Biosafety Inspection Process Flow Chart
Radiation Safety Inspection Process Flow Chart


Workers’ Compensation Form
Manager’s Incident Report (use for incidents involving volunteers as well)
Report a Safety Concern Online Form
Incident Investigation Form


Safety Meeting Agenda Template
Safety Committee Charter Template
Site-Specific Training Record Form
Employee Training Record

Appendix B: Training & Communication Resources

All the training and communication resources referenced in the IIPP are available here for download or review.  Check back often to see if links have been modified or new resources have been added.


EH&S Training Schedule
USC Research Training Finder
EH&S Fact Sheets
Safe Lifting/Back Injury Prevention
Cal/OSHA Training Requirements
Hazard Communication and Awareness
National Safety Council Safety Training
State Fund Safety Resource Center
Safety Data Sheets

General Safety

Fire Safety
Evacuation Procedures
Emergency Planning
Disaster Preparedness
Safety Fact Sheets

Injury & Emergency Reporting


EH&S Guide to Services
USC PPE Standard
USC Emergency Response Plan
USC Business Continuity


If you have any questions about completing your unit’s IIPP, please contact for assistance.