USC Food Safety Program

The USC Food Safety Program was developed under local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines to: (1) protect the health and wellbeing of the USC community and its guests and (2) ensure that food served by on-campus vendors and in-house caterers is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.

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LACDPH Health Inspection Reports

Go to Health Reports and enter “USC” in the search field.

USC Food Safety Audits

Food safety audits are conducted periodically by EH&S per the USC Food Safety Program. Responsible Parties (e.g., managers, supervisors) will receive notifications when:

  • Food Safety Audit is submitted
  • Comment(s) are added to a finding
  • A finding becomes overdue

When notified that an audit report is submitted, Responsible Parties may access the report through the Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) database.


Event catering is available in-house – go to Schedule Event Catering. For more information, review the Catering Approval User Guide.

On-Campus Dining Locations

See Hospitality’s UPC Dining and HSC Dining for current, on-campus dining locations.


For a quick digest on food safety, review the Food Safety Fact Sheet.