Using Risk & Safety Solutions (RSS) for Lab Inspections

If the EH&S Chemical Inventory team has already visited your lab to certify your chemical inventory, your inspection will now be handled primarily through the  Risk & Safety Solutions (RSS) application. This includes inspection reporting, findings, and resolutions. Responsible Parties (PIs & Lab Managers) will receive email notifications when: An inspection is submitted Comments are…

Online GLS and Meet & Greet

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety is pleased to make the following announcements:

Online General Lab Safety Training (GLS) – now available on Trojan Learn
GLS Meet & Greet – new one-time Zoom requirement for GLS participants…….

Common (Lab) Areas

If your lab utilizes Identify and assign ownership to all hazardous materials and equipment in common areas by clearly labeling items with your name as the responsible PI….

Recirculating Water In Experimental Setups

The use of open-circuit water cooling for cooling condensers in research laboratories at USC shall be phased out and ultimately prohibited by Jan. 1, 2024. After the deadline, any observed open-circuit use of water for cooling condensers shall be considered a finding during an EH&S laboratory safety inspection. The most common cause of avoidable flooding…

Phenol Safety

If your laboratory utilizes phenol, it is imperative to stock phenol first aid kits with laminate film gloves for emergency response. The gloves protect against phenol exposure during decontamination of a phenol spill. Review the Phenol Safety Fact Sheet for hazard information, appropriate PPE/supplies and first aid, and spill response….

Peroxide Formers

Review information regarding Peroxide-Forming materials in Section 7 of USC’s Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). Guidance includes: appropriate training storage testing disposal The table below lists time limits for storage of peroxide-forming materials. Status Class Aa Class B Class C Unopened, unstabilized Open or dispose within six months Shall be opened or disposed by manufacturer’s expiry…