Cart Safety Program

The University of Southern California Cart Safety Program provides guidance on the safe operation of electric-powered carts and vehicles.
This program applies to all certified and authorized drivers of carts, their supervisors, and their respective departments.
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Required Training

All Drivers:

ALL USC employees (including categories of faculty, staff, student workers, and temporary or resource employees) who are authorized to drive a University-owned vehicle must take the Driving Defensively training course on TrojanLearn prior to the first day of driving, and at least every two years thereafter. The course must be completed by anyone driving any USC vehicle (including carts) regardless of job duty.

Read more on USC Transportation’s Website >>

Drivers of Street Legal Carts:

To drive a cart that has a license plate (e.g., Low-Speed Vehicle):

  1. Take the Driving Defensively Training Course on TrojanLearn.
  2. Review the Safe Operation of Low Speed Vehicles Fact Sheet
Drivers of Non-Street Legal Carts:

Driver training for non-street legal carts is governed by CAL-OSHA and has strict requirements that must be met before getting behind the wheel. To drive a USC-owned cart without a license plate (e.g., utility or golf cart):

  1. Take the Driving Defensively Training Course on TrojanLearn.
  2. Register with EH&S or with your department’s authorized trainer for the in-person course.
    • Complete the form below to request Cart Safety Training.
  3. Questions? Contact EH&S >>