HSC Waste Pickup Schedule

EH&S Waste Technicians will follow the below schedule to pick up hazardous waste from various buildings at HSC.

Please be advised that emergency response needs will supersede any routine waste pickup schedules.

If you have any questions, please contact the Waste Technicians assigned to this campus.

HSC Hazardous Waste Pickup Schedule

See below to learn how frequently our team picks up hazardous waste from various buildings and rooms across the Health Sciences Campus.

Note: If your location is listed as an “upon request” frequency, please submit a pickup request when you have waste ready for pickup.






BMT 101, Upon Request
BMT 201, Bi-Weekly
BMT 410, Upon Request
HMR 205, Upon Request
HMR 208, Upon Request
HMR 210, Upon Request
HMR 212, Upon Request
HMR 310, Weekly
HMR 313, Bi-Weekly
HMR 315, Bi-Weekly
HMR 410, Upon Request
HMR 411, Upon Request
HMR 501, Upon Request
HMR 510, Upon Request
HMR 602, Bi-Weekly
HMR 610, Weekly
HMR 615, Upon Request
HMR 701, Weekly
HMR 703, Weekly
HMR 704, Upon Request
HMR 801, Upon Request
HMR 804, Upon Request
HMR 805, Upon Request
HMR 811, Bi-Weekly
HMR 911, Bi-Weekly
CRL 1st floor, Upon Request
PSC 208A, Weekly
PSC 208B, Bi-Weekly
PSC 402, Bi-Weekly
PSC 406, Weekly
PSC 522, Bi-Weekly
PSC 532, Bi-Weekly
PSC 610, Weekly
PSC 622, Weekly
PSC 624, Bi-Weekly
PSC 702, Weekly
PSC 718, Weekly
WHO 1M2, Weekly
ZNI 111, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 121, Upon Request
ZNI 223, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 234, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 313, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 321, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 323, Upon Request
ZNI 407, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 419, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 421, Upon Request
ZNI 423, Upon Request
ZNI 501, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 507, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 513, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 517, Bi-Weekly
ZNI 519, Weekly
ZNI 521, Monthly
CSA 143, Bi-Weekly
CSA 202, Bi-Weekly
CSA 215, Bi-Weekly
CSA 222, Bi-Weekly
CSA 225, Bi-Weekly
CSC 140, Bi-Weekly
CSC 144, Bi-Weekly
CSC 149, Bi-Weekly
CSC B-1, Monthly
NOR 7336, Weekly
NOR 7324, Weekly
NOR 6332, Weekly
NOR 6314, Weekly
NOR 5338, Weekly
NOR 5321, Weekly
NOR 5318, Weekly
NOR 5409B, Weekly
NOR 5410, Weekly
NOR 5420, Monthly
NOR 5421, Monthly
NOR 5426A, Monthly
NOR 5429, Upon Request
NOR 6409, Weekly
NOR 6410, Bi-Weekly
NOR 6417, Bi-Weekly
NOR 6429, Monthly
NRT 6517A, Bi-Weekly
NRT 6513B, Weekly
NRT 6513E, Weekly
NRT 5517A, Bi-Weekly
NRT 4509, Monthly
NRT 1514, Bi-Weekly
NRT G514, Bi-Weekly
NTT 6419, Weekly