2018 Biosafety Month Prize Drawing

Submit a photo of your biosafety spill kit and win

USC Biosafety Month 2018

Please join the USC Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) in celebrating the fifth annual Biosafety Month. The theme for this year is “Promoting a Culture of Biosafety and Responsibility” with the social network hashtag #getyourcultureon. USC’s initiative for the year 2018 is to encourage all labs to acquire or assemble a kit to clean up small spills of blood and other biological materials. The kit can either be a commercially available one (e.g. VWR), or self-assembled utilizing items you already have in the lab.
Submit a photo of your biosafety spill kit and win

Submit a photo and win!

Click here to submit a photo of your lab’s biosafety spill kit and be entered to win a pizza party.

You have until end of October to submit your photo. Winners will be chosen randomly (one on UPC campus, and one on HSC campus) and notified via email in the beginning of November 2018.

Biosafety Spill Kit Contents

OSHA recommends the following items as minimum contents for a biological spill kit:

  • Absorbent material
  • PPE: gloves, shoe covers, eye protection and a surgical mask
  • Decontamination solution, or sanitizing wipes
  • Sanitizing hand wipes (using these does not replace the necessity to wash your hands thoroughly following a spill cleanup)
  • Tongs/broom and dustpan to pick up contaminated sharps and broken glass